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Your 3 Card Tarot Reading

Whats in the cards? Shuffle the deck to find out!

The wisdom of the Tarot is presented below. You may want to save or print this page if you would like to ponder its wisdom later.


Refers to recent events that just took place as well as influences and actions that lead to the present situation.

Tarot Card Image

The Magician

The Magician is the second card of the Major Arcana, and is given the number one to indicate the power that resides within each living being: the power of the self. He has mastered the tools of the Tarot: the pentacle, cup, sword, and wand, which symbolize the four physical elements of earth, water, air, and fire. With one hand aiming skyward and one pointing at the ground, the Magician is the symbol of manifestation, of bringing things from the spiritual or psychological realm into the physical one. The power flowing through him is the power of creation, which is symbolized by the flowers and other growing things around him.

The Magician in your past indicates that the root of your issue is in your awareness: watch what you bring into your life as well as what you give to others. You have to walk your talk: decide what you want and take action to make your dreams a reality. You alone have the power within you—you need only to concentrate on channeling it to your best advantage.


Represents what is happening right now. This may be what triggered you to seek out a reading or may represent something you're unwilling to see.

Tarot Card Image

Queen of Wands

The receptive aspect of Fire, the Queen refers to you, or someone who strongly influences your life in the situation in question, but does not have to be female. In the card, the black cat at the Queen's feet can signify a guardian. Someone is watching out for you, or one close to you. Her throne is adorned with Lions, totems of Fire, symbols of royalty, and traditionally seen as fierce guardians. The Queen herself is full of passion. Her parted legs signify her intense desires and strong sexual energy. If this energy is lacking in your life, you may feel stagnant, bored, or hopeless. If it is abundant, you may be experiencing a time of great pleasure and joy. Just as the sunflower depicted on the card always turns toward the light, the Queen of Wands seeks the positive. She shows a real lust for life. Do you?


Describes what is just around the corner. It’s an official “heads up” about where the situation is heading.

Tarot Card Image

Four of Wands

The successful completion of projects is indicated by the Four of Wands. The garland hanging from the four wands suggests that your goals will soon be achieved. The castle represents the solidity and splendor of what you will create. The characters in the image hold the harvest of their efforts high in the air in celebration of their success. You should soon enjoy the well-earned fruits of completion.

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