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Shanti Skelly


In Hindu Shanti means "peace" She strives to embody her name Through her maternal lineage, Shanti has been blessed with many spiritual gifts including, but not limited to, psychic clairvoyance, medium and energy healing.She sees, hears, feels, and heals.

Each time Shanti does a reading for someone always mindful just how blessed she is to have these abilities, the connection with other realms guided by Spirits and the ability to help others. Shanti's greatest passion is to bring peace to her clients to the best of her abilities. With her knowledge of the different cultures of the world, each of Shanti's readings is tailored to the specific individual and is unique. She considers herself a bridge on many different levels.
While she always provides what she has received from the Spirits, She never sugarcoats or says something just because it is what her client wants to hear. You will get the direct answer. She will share the information as to what has been shown to her; the rest is up to you.

Her kind and compassionate nature will understand your needs and guide you, to the right path of happiness and prosperity. Shanti believes that the future is not etched in stone. Each choice or decision that one makes can change the path that is taken. She is often described by her clients as a sensitive, empathic and a life and spiritual guide.

Education and Experience
40 plus years in the paranormal, metaphysical field, Psychic reader, Tarot card, Medium,

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“Great reader!!!!! we really connected <3 look forward to reading again”
—November 30, 2018

“Thank you for your insightful reading”
—July 23, 2017

“Shanti welcome back hun! AMAZING as always.”
—July 21, 2017

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