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Kydra Sommer


Renowned Psychic for 25 years, t.v. and radio, that worked on top psychic lines, read 1000's people from all walks of life, and countries including celebrities, doctors, lawyers, psychologists as well as corporations!I'm from a descendant of a long line of Russian Psychics. She has helped authorities find missing children a professional master of tarot, chancellor, healer, medium. Career as a Clairvoyant who did tea readings(tasseography) also gifted with the ability to connect to energy through your vibrations, and Saint Dominique as my guide. Viewing the readings as a therapy-like experience, you get real answers to your questions and helps you develop direction on the path to achieving your deepest desires. Can see deep into the situations going on, spiritually and psychically, offering an in depth reading and analysis of your situation, or area of concern, together will attempt too resolve it, a realistic prognosis to covering all questions whether it's for love, finance, or career.

With healing energies, and reading you will feel calm, centered, and clearer about all situations, with a
positive two fold end result, either to uncover a problem area, and or to help a person with some suggestions, be
it a self help book, etc. or give the client all the tools necessary for their own discovery of possible solutions.


Education and Experience
Born psychic, worked on top lines for 25 years, studies in religions and metaphysics 25 years, self mastery courses, and spiritualism!

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“Always glad to talk to her she is correct everytime. The things she says they always come to pass without a doubt best reader on here period. Wish I could talk to her all day long.”
—September 29, 2018

“The old questions are the hardest to answer , however the old lingering questions eventually have to be settled to free us to go forward . Kydra answered a decades old legal question that had been haunting me. I feel that a weight has been lifted because I know why things happened.”
—March 21, 2018

“The best reader on this site you won't be disappointmented always correct in every reading and things always happen as she says ”
—February 15, 2018

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