Have you found your soulmate? What's on your lover's mind? Are you on the right path in your career? Call Marie Moon and uncover the truth!

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Marie Moon


As a psychic reader of energy, Marie is able to hone in to your current situation after talking with you for just a few minutes and let you know the truth of the situation. Her goal is to offer you enough information that you can make informed decisions in your life. First names are all that is required, as well as questions you would like answered.

Marie is known for her calm, non-judgemental and direct answers. Easy to talk with and most find her enjoyable and warm in her communications. A gifted reader who comes by this gift first genetically, as Mom and Grandma were also readers, then from years of practice and research.

Consider this: you want to know how your partner is feeling? Marie can give you their unvoiced thoughts and feelings. Worried about a job situation? Also something she can help with, to give you assistance in determining your future direction. The energy of a person or situation is what Marie reads and this gives you the ability to be prepared with a heads up on whatever your situation may be. Her life goal is to help.

Education and Experience
Marie has been working as a reader on multiple sites for many years. She is trained in animal communication and self-taught in tarot, runes, numerology and astrology.

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“Is always a pleasure to talk with Marie, her calm and nice voice guide you in your rough time during the reading. All your advices are very accurate. Thanks for helping me with your reading. ”
—February 13, 2016

“Marie is lovely. I was really struggling, and she said the exact thing I needed to hear about the situation, which mirrors the what's going on inside of me. So, a huge help. I will sleep well tonight. Thank you so much. ”
—June 13, 2014

“Marie has been very accurate in the readings I've received from her. She is quick and concise so you can ask a lot of questions in a short amount of time. She has not been wrong yet!”
—January 08, 2013

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